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121 Seven-Word Poems

This project began as a writing experiment for my poetry page on Facebook in October 2015. I sought to create micro poems, with as few words as possible, that substantiated realities in my life circumstances. Stretching poetic conventions to the edge of making sense, omitting verbs and articles without burying ideas, thoughts, or interpretation, seven words was the lowest applicable number I chose to present my cognition. I also sampled numbers of words below seven. However, seven words are ideal for the ideas presented in this project. Therefore,

Read each line as an individual poem.

121 SEVEN-WORD POEMS introduce the reader to the depth of the author’s philosophy, critical thinking, and personal observations of the world around him. Jef Harris’ seven words span from sharp to cute, deep to airy, and natural to supernatural. His superb use of brevity makes each poem memorable.