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    Jef Harris

    Jef was born in Chicago, Illinois, grew up there, Massachusetts, Texas, Taiwan, Vietnam, South East Asia and Europe, and now calls Maryland his home.  He obtained a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

    His writings validate that verbal ability is one of the most critical competencies anyone possesses.  His works center on all styles of poetry, short prose, lyrics and songwriting.  He’s a critical thinker and a rulebreaker, meaning he’s not afraid of experimentation and innovation. His debut poetry collection, “First Poem of Words,” reflects his experiences, faith, successes travels and trials.  To him, the purpose of poetry is but one tactic to appreciate the language of humanity.  He is an accomplished business and technical writer. Now his creative writing journey is increasing speed.

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    First Poem of Words

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    121 Seven-Word Poems